CCTV International Overview 04-26-2004 17:07

CCTV International (CCTV-9) is the English-language 24-hour news channel of China Central Television, China's largest national TV network. Launched on September 25, 2000, CCTV International is dedicated to reporting news and information to its global audience, with a special focus on China. With a team of experienced and committed journalists, CCTV International is China's contribution to greater diversity and more perspective in the global information flow.

With its new lineup starting May 3rd, 2004, CCTV International increased coverage of world events, in addition to its focus on China. CCTV International emphasizes a Chinese perspective while striving to give a more balanced picture of the world.

CCTV International covers the globe via six satellites. Its programs can now be seen by 2.3 million subscribers outside China. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, CCTV International provides viewers with a host of news and feature programs.

CCTV NEWS features a round-the-clock rolling news service.

WORLD WIDE WATCH provides in-depth analysis on major international issues twice a day.

ASIA TODAY is dedicated to reporting the news in Asia, keeping viewers abreast of what's happening throughout this diverse and dynamic continent.

BIZ CHINA highlights the latest financial activities and market trends six times a day, everyday.

CULTURE EXPRESS is a daily magazine of news and information about the world's cultural scene.

SPORTS SCENE brings viewers the action in the sports arena three times a day and the half-hour Sports Weekend wraps up seven days of thrills.

DIALOGUE is a daily 30-minute talk show airing different opinions and a public forum of free debate.

WORLD INSIGHT is a weekly program giving viewers insightful analysis of major international events and issues.

CHINA THIS WEEK is a magazine show that offers an insightful summary of the stories of the past seven days.

AROUND CHINA features the life and culture of the country's many ethnic groups.

UP CLOSE brings you face-to-face with movers and shakers, and stars and celebrities in front of a live audience.

TRAVELOGUE is your guide to the most fascinating tourist destinations in China.

REDISCOVERING CHINA takes a look at the Chinese history, culture and the everyday life of its people through the eyes of a foreigner.

NATURE AND SCIENCE is a science magazine approaching serious science topics in a casual and relaxed manner.

DOCUMENTARY records history as it happens.

CENTER STAGE is your ticket to China's splendid performing arts.

CHINESE CIVILIZATION is a five-minute mini documentary shown every weekday offering audiences a visual feast as well as information on China’s cultural history.

LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE is a 15-minute Chinese teaching program and is China’s only language teaching series broadcast worldwide.

CCTV International, your window on China and the world.


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