EU delegation observes NPC closing session 03-14-2004 19:28

For the first time, European Union Parliament delegates have been invited to attend the closing session of the National People's Congress as observers.

The eight members of the EU parliament arrived at the Great Hall of the People to witness China's most important legislative voting process. The head of the delegation and her colleagues had words of praise for the proceedings.

Elly Plooij-Van Gorsel, head of EU Parliament Delegation,said, "I am most impressed by the procedures and I think everything is quite smooth. I am really honored that we can be here today."

Elly Plooij-Van Gorsel said the amendments were an important issue that was crucial to China's future.

Elly Plooij-Van Gorsel said,"I think we have seen the amendments to the Constitution that are voted today and I think it is very good thing that the constitution will be adapted to the changing of the social and economic situation in China. And I also very glad there is an article of human rights were added into the constitution."


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