Backgrounder: overhauls of CPPCC Charter 03-12-2004 16:08

The Second Session of the National Committee of the Tenth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) approved on Mar.12 the amendments to the organization's charter. It is the fifth time that the organization has revised its charter.

Following is a chronology of the formulation of the CPPCC Charter and its amendments:

-- 1954

In September, the National People's Congress (NPC), the top legislature, held its first session, and the CPPCC National Committee since ceased the exercise of power as the national legislature. In December, the Second CPPCC National Committee held its first session and formulated the charter based on its organization regulations.

The CPPCC Charter defines the fundamental principles of the nature, functions and tasks of the organization. It stipulates that the CPPCC is an organization of people's democratic united front that unites the people of all nationalities, all democratic classes, all non-communist parties and all people's organizations of the country, as well as overseas Chinese and other patriotic and democratic personages.

Under the charter, the CPPCC is established on the basis of all non-communist parties and people's organizations, and has a national committee and local committees.

-- 1978

In February-March, the Fifth CPPCC National Committee held its first session and amended its charter for the first time. The revised charter played an active role in resuming the work of the CPPCC but incorporated some erroneous theories and remarks prevailing during "Cultural Revolution."

-- 1982

In December, the Fifth CPPCC National Committee held its fifth session and revised the charter for the second time, abandoning the "Leftist" theories and remarks. The revised charter terms the CPPCC as a "patriotic and united front organization of the Chinese people" that will work for the general goal of socialist modernization, conduct political consultation over major issues concerning state policies and the people's livelihood, and play the role of "democratic supervision" through suggestions and criticism.

-- 1994

The CPPCC Charter was amended for the third time at the Second Session of the Eighth CPPCC National Committee, with emphasis placed on the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the fundamental line of socialism at the primary stage, and the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system under the CPC leadership.

-- 2000

The Third Session of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee amended the CPPCC Charter for the fourth time, adding some important contents concerning Deng Xiaoping Theory and the policy of governing the nation by law, among others.

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