SAR deputies, members urge CEPA fine-turning 03-08-2004 17:28

For NPC deputies and CPPCC members from Hong Kong and Macao, one issue weighing heavily on their minds is the implementation of CEPA. The Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement is to strengthen ties between the two special administrative regions and the mainland. Many of the legislators and advisors say more specific problems need to be addressed to bring the agreement into full play.

Many deputies and members from Hong Kong and Macao say CEPA has provided a successful policy framework for the economic integration in the Pearl River Delta Region.

HK CPPCC member Zee Sze-Yong said, "The Hong Kong economy is recovering from its staggering performance. Real estate sales have been brisk so far this year and the stock market is booming. The increase in the retail industry is apparent."

And the Taiwan business circle wants to share the benefits of the agreement.

Macao NPC deputy Ho Iat Seng said, "Many Taiwan businesspeople want to transfer their manufacturing bases to Macao so that they can transport their products into the mainland under the zero-tariff policy specified by CEPA."

But CEPA still needs constant readjustment, according to the evolving nature of its mission. Ieong Wan Chong, NPC deputy from Macao, has submitted a proposal. He's urging the central government to simplify regular customs check procedures between Macao and Zhuhai. Ieong says customs authorities from the two sides should strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


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