Members discuss revisions to CPPCC Charter 03-08-2004 09:09

China's top advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, is set to revise its charter to meet the needs of the country's reform and modernization drive. On Mar.7, Zheng Wantong, Secretary General of the CPPCC, outlined the content and principles of the proposed amendments at the second CPPCC plenary session.

The revisions to the charter include the incorporation of the "Three Represents" theory. The theory was adopted by the Communist Party of China to help it adapt to changing times.

The revisions also aim to standardize the specifications for the nature and functions of the advisory body and to clarify the qualifications, and reponsibilities of CPPCC members and relevant procedures for choosing them. The institutional building of the advisory body was applauded by many CPPCC members.

The revisions shall also specify the importance of multi-party cooperation and political consultation with emphasis on unity and democracy.

In making amendments to the CPPCC charter, the democratic style of work is expected to be displayed and carried forward fully and opinions from all sides shall be solicited. And existing procedures shall be abided by more strictly.


-"Three Represents" theory

to adapt to changing times

-Institutional building:

specifications for the nature and functions

qualifications and reponsibilities of members

procedures for choosing members

- Political system

multi-party cooperation and political consultation

emphasis on unity and democracy


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