CPPCC discusses reviving NE China´s economy 03-07-2004 15:24

How to revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China has been a major topic of discussion at the ongoing sessions of the NPC and CPPCC. Renowned Chinese economist Xiao Zhuoji said, operating businesses in a market-oriented way is necessary for revitalization.

The members from the northeast have pledged that their provinces will work hard towards implementing the strategies, despite great difficulties in adapting to the market economy.

These advisors represent the three provinces under the spotlight at the ongoing legislative and advisory body meetings. The traditional industrial bases were once as important in driving the Chinese economy as Shanghai is today. But now, they have fallen far behind the coastal cities. As the Chinese government attempts to revitalize this region, these provinces produce common difficulties.

The CPPCC Member said, 鈥淟ack of impetus for economic growth and the disproportionate reliance on state-owned industries are factors that keep our reform from going smoothly."

Economist Xiao Zhuoji said the northeast used to be a good example of planned economic operations. But this could be the exact reason why the three provinces are facing difficulties in adapting to a market-oriented system. He provided some suggestions for turning things around.

Xiao Zhouji said, "The monopoly of public economy should be broken up by encouraging private businesses to develop. Also a fair market system is needed for all competitors. And the government should withdraw from interfering with the management of enterprises."

Xiao said improved human resources are essential for the much-needed industrial transformation in the northeast. In particular, he suggested that state-owned enterprises should be open to recruiting management experts from both home and abroad. But an advisor from Liaoning points out another area of concern.

CPPCC Member Guo Tingbiao said, "There are 1.75 million workers laid off in Liaoning, another 1.5 million are living off minimum living allowance subsidy. In my province, 7 million employed workers are actually supporting the livelihood of 3 million retired ones."

Guo said, helping these people live better will keep the government very busy. Despite these difficulties, the CPPCC members pledged to work hard towards implementing the strategy outlined by Premier Wen Jiabao in his government work report. They say they have already started the process.

This is not the first time the northeast advisors have sat together talking about how to boost their region's economy. And with the central government's backing, they are looking forward to better prospects for revitalizing the country's rust belt.


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