Finance minister vows to tighten expenditure management 03-06-2004 13:45

The Chinese government will tighten management of expenditures and hold down expenditures this year, while strengthening revenue collection and management for steady revenue growth, Finance Minister Jin Renqing said in Beijing Saturday.

The government will strictly tighten control over the construction of office buildings and training centers built for Party and government departments, and intensify efforts to solve the root causes of the problems of overdue construction funding on government-funded projects and unpaid wages for migrant rural workers, Jin said in a budget report to lawmakers.

Meanwhile, the work style of "hard work, plain living and building the country through diligence" will be promoted and the policy of zero-growth for all general expenditures budgeted for 2004 be followed.

"No budgetary funds should be allocated for the wide variety of inconsequential festivals, ceremonies and forums," said Jin at the annual session of the national legislature.

To ensure revenue growth, the government will resolutely safeguard the uniformity, authority and sanctity of tax laws, severely crack down on smuggling, tax evasion and fraud and all other tax-related crime, and standardize non-tax revenue management.

The government will work out a scientific system for classifying government revenue and expenditures as soon as possible and continue standardizing administrative charges, he said.

The minister also urged financial authorities at all levels to be realistic and pragmatic, work to effectively improve their style of work, addressing the concerns of the people and the pressing needs of development.

Editor:Zheng  Source:Xinhua News Agency

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