HK media praise Wen´s report putting people first 03-06-2004 13:40

Hong Kong newspapers published Saturday praised that Premier Wen Jiabao's report had put people first and was a satisfying answer sheet to the most pressing needs of the time.

Commenting on the central government's work report Wen submitted to the National People's Congress annual session Friday,Wen Wei Po said the report well reflected the government's "new and scientific concept of development."

It noted that the government avoided the single-minded pursuit of gross domestic product growth and was pursuing a new, steadier and more balanced development strategy.

China Daily Hong Kong Edition said in its editorial that the report gave a purpose to economic pursuits,betterment of public welfare.

"It is permeated with a appreciation of balance and concern for the underprivileged," said the editorial.

Ta Kung Pao noted in its editorial that part of Wen's report had dedicated specifically to the government's own transformation and stressed the legitimacy and necessity of public supervision over the government.

It reflected the government's resolution to accept public supervision and improve transparency, said the newspaper.

Editor:Zheng  Source:Xinhua News Agency

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