Chinese ministers meeting the press 03-06-2004 13:26

Each March when the National People's Congress opens its session in Beijing, ministers of China's State Council are the targets of media from home and abroad. This year was no exception, as journalists mobbed ministers on the sidelines of the conference.

Each year, this is the only chance for reporters to meet Chinese ministers en masse.

While many were tightlipped, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing commented on Hong Kong legislator Martin Lee's visit to the US Senate, where he gave testimony on Friday about the special administrative region's political affairs.

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said:"Nothing is more important than what I'm saying. That is, there is only one China in the world. Hong Kong is Chinese Hong Kong. We Chinese are so diligent, so brave and so intelligent, and our current policy is so good and our Basic Law is so clear. Why can't we deal our own issues well? "

Former Liaoning Province governor Bo Xilai is the newly-appointed Commerce Minister. Journalists pressed him about his plans.

Commerce Minister Bo Xilai said: "This afternoon I will discuss CEPA with Tung Chee-hwa."

Meanwhile, Minister of Water Resources Wang Shucheng told reporters his top priority is to build a society aware of the need to conserve water.

And Zhang Chunxian, Minister of Communications, made it clear that he will press ahead with efforts to construct more highways through China's vast rural areas.


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