Feedback on plenary session of NPC 03-05-2004 17:32

While lawmakers concentrates their minds on the issues the plenary session of the National People's Congress is discussing, ordinary people are focusing on the session, where many of the topics are of great interests of everyone in the country.

Besides the government report, the revising of the Constitution is on top of this year's agenda in the plenary session. It has aroused concerns of China's private sector.

Shen Yu, a busy owner of several small companies, explored her business in Beijing ten years ago. She and her employees spent most of the morning hearing Premier Wen Jiabao's government report.

Shen Yu, Manager of Champs Elysees Bakery, said: "I think this year's NPC is very important. I am happy to see that private property will be better protected. What we can do is to "

Taking a similar attitude, many other private property owners regard the amendment as a milestone in private sector development.

White collars usually receive little impact from the political circle. but this year, it seems that they want to have their say on the country's most important annual event.

Li Mei, Marketing director of Nokia, Beijing, told CCTV: "I have seen the government report this morning. It is very good that the government is making up their mind to fight corruption."


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