CPPCC members put forward proposals 03-05-2004 13:38

At the on-going session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, members from all sectors have put forward various proposals on major political and social issues.

Zhong Nanshan, an engineering academician and a hero from the fight against SARS, has urged the government to overhaul the public health system.

Zhong commented that the SARS outbreak last year awakened the government and the people to the importance of a sound public health system.

He said he would make proposals recommending the building of a nationwide rapid-reaction mechanism and the rational distribution of medical resources across the country.

Qi Faren, the chief designer of China's first manned space-craft, is more worried about what he calls a brain drain from scientific research fields, as many young people are concentrating more on gaining power and wealth.

He suggested encouragements be put in place to entice the talented to devote themselves to China's space development programs.

An eminent Chinese agronomist and the father of hybrid rice, Professor Yuan Longping, is urging the government to spend more on increasing yields and protecting the country's shrinking farmland resources so as to ensure food security.

Yuan said he would continue to work hard on his super-hybrid rice project.

Developed by Yuan in the 1970s, hybrid rice now makes up over 60% of China's total rice output.


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