China to maintain stable, rapid growth thru macro-control: premier 03-05-2004 09:55

The basic focus of this year's economic work is to safeguard, guide and utilize the enthusiasm of all sides for accelerating development in order to achieve stable and rapid economic growth without drastic fluctuations, said Premier Wen Jiabao Friday.

The Chinese Premier pledged to strengthen and improve macro-control and maintain stable and rapid economic growth, when he delivered a report on the work of the government at the opening of the Second Session of the Tenth National People's Congress.

In setting a target for this year's economic growth of around 7 percent, the central government has taken into consideration both the need for continuity in macro-control and the relationship between the pace of economic growth and the conditions for its attainment, including supply and demand in energy, important raw and processed materials, and transport capacity, also taking into account the need to alleviate the pressure on resources and the environment, according to the premier.

This target also encourages all sides to focus on deepening reform, adjusting the economic structure and improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth and to devote more financial and material resources to promoting social development and strengthening weak links, he said.

"To ensure effective macro-control, we need to maintain consistency and stability in our macro-economic policies while adjusting the intensity and focus of policy implementation at the proper time and to an appropriate degree in response to developments and changes in the economic situation," Wen said.

He explained, "By 'at the proper time,' we mean seizing the opportune moment for introducing control measures by observing small clues that may indicate what is coming in order to forestall any possible trouble. By 'to an appropriate degree,' we mean that macro-control should neither be too loose nor too tight and that we must not apply the brakes too hard or apply control measures too rigidly."

Wen pledged that the China must adhere to the policy of expanding domestic demand and continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy.

Editor:Xiao  Source:Xinhua News Agency

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