NPC, CPPCC proposals in focus 03-04-2004 14:58

Deputies of the National People's Congress, or the NPC, and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, or the CPPCC, have submitted thousands of proposals for discussions during the two bodies' annual sessions. The proposals cover China's social, political and economic life.

Zhou Hongyu is an NPC deputy from Central China's Hubei Province. This year, he brought with him a proposal on free compulsory education in China's countryside. Zhou said this year's proposal goes further than the one he submitted last year in the First Session of the the 10th NPC. His last proposal caught the attention of the Ministry of Education and other departments. The government has approved to waive fees for some students who live in extreme poverty.

Zhou Hongyu said, "As an NPC deputy, I'm very satisfied with the efforts the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance have been putting forth on the issue."

Like Zhou Hongyu, NPC deputies have been delighted to see their motions and proposals being dealt with over the past year.

Some other proposals focus on the country's economic life. CPPCC member Chen Shouyi worries about airport construction in the Yangtze River Delta. He discourages cities in the region from blindly building their own airports since the region has contained enough. He warns it can only lead to a waste of money and resources.

Chen Shouyi said, "Departments like the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Communications should make an overall plan for the issue. The plan should concern every city's trend of economic development, density of population as well as cargo and passenger flow."

In his proposal, Chen called on cities in the delta region to cooperate closely in order to make the region a more prosperous one.


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