What is CPPCC´s role ? 03-03-2004 13:23

What is the role of the CPPCC, and how does the advisory body fit into the country's political framework? CCTV international looked to Qu Shijing, a veteran member of the CPPCC for the answers, and asked him to address his own concerns about the upcoming session.


How long have you been a member of CPPCC and how is your membership related to your work?


I joined the CPPCC in 1987 that was on the basic level in Shanghai. And then I became a municipal and national member. Through my research I get to know the economic and social changes of the western countries. I always make comparison between the developed countries and developing countries. China is a developing country, so the experience of the developed countries is very useful in my work in CPPCC. "


Some say the CPPCC does not have legislative power and is a forum of open discussion and no action, how do you define the role of the advisory body?


The political construction of China is a whole system. There are four sectors. The first one is the Communist Party, that is the leading power. The Party lays out the strategy of social development. The second one is the People's Congress which is the law maker. The third one is the government, the government carries out the polices of the Party and the decision made the congress. The CPPCC is a high ranking advisory body. It is the key institution in multi-party cooperation in China. Our job is to make suggestions.


What are your expectations?

Qu :

We are developing our economy very rapidly. But we should develop it evenly, steadily, scientifically, smoothly and in harmony. That is a very important idea. This idea does not come to the mind of the party leaders suddenly. Many CPPCC members have made their proposals and delivered their speeches to the party. The party studies these proposals and made the conclusion. That is to choose the strategy to develop our country in the next 10 or 20 years. I think we can develop our country in this way more successfully and smoothly.


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