Preparations done for CPPCC, NPC sessions 03-02-2004 15:42

Delegates are arriving in Beijing for two of China's most important political conferences. The country's top government advisory body - the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference - will start its annual session on Wednesday. The National People's Congress, the country's top legislature, opens its session on Friday.

Session organizers say they have completed basic preparations for the two major events. CPPCC sources say they have already received more than 200 proposals from participating members on a wide range of topics.

CPPCC staff say they are impressed with this year's proposals. A handler for Submitted Proposals said, "I feel that the quality of proposals is improving every year. This year's proposals have dealt with a wider range of hot issues, and in greater depth and detail."

The issues which affect the average Chinese in everyday life are about medical care, poverty relief, education and the economy.

CPPCC Member Yu Xiaowen said, "My proposal focuses on the livelihood and welfare of farmers. Especially: how to increase their income, and how to provide better protection for the rights and interests of rural migrant laborers in urban areas. "

Another CPPCC Member Dong Xieliang said," We are proposing the establishment of hospitals for poor people in 100 poverty-stricken counties. Also, we want to work to ensure that all the ordinary people receive prompt medical care at a reasonable price. "

For CPPCC members and NPC deputies, submitting proposals is an important means to participate in China's decision-making process and exercise their democratic rights of supervising the government work. They also want the voice of the people they represent to be heard by China's senior policy makers and legislators.


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