Everything is ready for CPPCC 03-02-2004 14:44

The annual session of China's top government advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), will get underway tomorrow (Wednesday). All CPPCC members are currently in the capital, with preparations for the event all but completed.

Many of the CPPCC members say they have prepared bills on a range of pressing topics for submission during the upcoming session. A press center has been set up for Chinese and overseas correspondents wishing to cover the session. So far about 2,000 journalists have signed up to report on the CPPCC session, and about one-fifth of them come from overseas.

Preparations for National People's Congress session are almost complete. This, China's top legislature, will convene its annual session this Friday. Nearly 3,000 NPC deputies and more than 2,000 CPPCC members from across the country are expected to be in the capital for the two meetings.


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