CCTV-2 specializes in economic news, and information concerning life and services in China and abroad. It covers the whole of China by satellite, and broadcasts an average of 20 hours a day.

CCTV-2 is authoritative, but is also in a popular style. It is practical, service-providing and entertaining, helps TV viewers learn about economic activities and gives them advice.

CCTV-2 has a series of noted programs covering economy, finance and people's livelihood, which include stock and securities, new economy and health.

CCTV-2 offers timely, accurate, in-depth and comprehensive reports on major domestic and international economic events, including the Fortune Global Forum 1999 held in Shanghai, the Fortune Global Forum 2001 held in Hong Kong, China's economic restructuring and development of China's western regions as well as the Beijing High-tech Industry week.

With a certain category of viewers who are economically influential in the country, CCTV-2 is of high commercial value. It was deemed "the most vigorous channel in 2000" by a noted domestic magazine.

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