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CCTV(China Central Television)

China Central Television is the national television station of the People's Republic of China. On May 1,1958, it began trial-broadcasting TV programs, and on September 2,went into official operation. In 1973, it started to broadcast PALD colored programs.

CCTV features 11 channels with a daily air time of more than 200 hours. The programs include news, economics, the arts, opera, music, sport, movies, military affairs, science and technology, agriculture and programs for children, which appear in 300 time-slots. About 66.4%of the programs are produced by CCTV itself.

CCTV attracts more than 1billion viewers, with a coverage of 90.3% of the population in China. Its international and English channels are transmitted by satellite to virtually all over the world.

The station has considerable quantities of cutting-edge technologies and facilities, including TV broadcasting studios, sound-recording studios, mobile broadcasting vans, box-type electronic field production systems, movable satellite transmission systems, editing rooms and a large quantity of news gathering and recording equipment. The largest TV broadcasting studio covers nearly 2000 square meters. The facilities have enabled CCTV to cover live events anytime, anywhere. At present, digital facilities account for over 50 percent of the station鈥檚 program production capacity, and more equipment is being digitalized. Fully automatic program flexcard systems are employed in program broadcast, while other new technologies and new equipment, such as the intelligent production system, air conditioning and power control system, are adopted in program production.

CCTV has set up an advanced computer information network, forming an intelligent management system to deal with program planning and administration .The station is composed of 15 centers and divisions, and has subsidiaries which include a TV-drama production center, two film studios, a newspaper with a circulation of more than 3 million, and a group company mainly engaged in the production of TV plays. It has established movie production bases in some parts of the country and a sales network of Chinese TV programs in major overseas cities. CCTV is also authorizes with the right to shoot feature films.

CCTV鈥檚 website, went into trial operation in December 1996.It was one of the country鈥檚 first websites with contents in Chinese. As a media website, the internationalized aims to provide comprehensive information services. It majors in news programs, and also provides entertainment attractions, has become one of the most popular websites in the country. The registered domain for CCTV International is and

Founded in 1984,China International TV Corporation is a state-owned enterprise funded by CCTV. It鈥檚 solely authorized by the state to trade copyrights of television programs internationally. Specializing in film and television industry, the corporation also features investment and information consultation. It boasts a sales network covering 36 countries, cooperating with 145 companies. China International TV Corporation is the most powerful media enterprise in China. CCTV is an active participant in international film and TV awards and TV program trading activities. Its productions covering various topics have won a great number of awards.

CCTV has opened offices in 11 countries and regions as well as in the United Nations. It dispatches reporters to cover major events in various parts of the world, whenever such events take place.

CCTV is the largest television station in China. It plays an important role in education, information dissemination, culture, entertainment, and social services.

Brief Introduction of CCTV-9

CCTV-9 is an all-English channel of China Central Television. Officially launched on Sep. 25, 2000, CCTV-9 is dedicated mainly to reporting news and information to its global audience, with a special focus on China. With a team of experienced and committed journalists, CCTV-9 is China鈥檚 answer to introducing greater diversity and more perspective into the global information flow.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, CCTV-9 provides viewers a whole host of news and feature programs. News bulletins report major events in China and around the world. Various feature programs, documentaries and entertainment magazine shows offer insight into Chinese society, from politics to economics, from history to culture. Broadcasting from the ancient capital and rapidly developing metropolis of Beijing, CCTV-9 covers the whole globe via six satellites.

CCTV NEWS is the channel's news flagship. It is designed to update viewers on all the latest events happening in China and major international news. The 30-minute show is compiled from a number of different sources: domestic and international reports by CCTV鈥檚 own news crews, local TV stations around China, other news organizations in the country as well as international news agencies.

BIZ CHINA highlights the latest financial activities and market trends in China and how the Chinese economy interacts with global trade and finance. It is a specialist鈥檚 account of one of the world鈥檚 fastest developing economies. With BIZ CHINA, we mean business.

CULTURE EXPRESS is a daily magazine of news and information about China鈥檚 cultural scene. It showcases the colorful and diverse culture of modern China. The arts, fashion, changing lifestyle, CULTURE EXPRESS covers it all. Everyday on CCTV-9, CULTURE EXPRESS gives viewers a Chinese culture extravaganza.

SPORTS SCENE updates viewers on the action on the sports arena. Everyday, it wraps up all the athletic events in China and throughout the world. It is where sports fans can catch up on their favorite games and players.

SHANGHAI TODAY is a 15-minute program of news and information about China鈥檚 financial center and economic power house of Shanghai. It is produced by Shanghai TV and packaged by CCTV-9.

CHINA THIS WEEK is a weekly review of the main news over the past seven days. It is intended for people who have missed most or part of the news and want an overview of the news stories in the past week.

NEWS ASIA is dedicated to reporting the news in Asia. The 15-minute program keeps viewers abreast of what's happening throughout this diverse continent. NEWS ASIA is comprehensive coverage of Asia by the people who know Asia best.

WORLD WIDE WATCH is a 30-minute international news program. It is how the world is looked at through Chinese eyes. By reporting major events happening around the globe, the program strives to give viewers a broader picture of the world today. It also offers a Chinese perspective on world events and issues through in-depth reports, expert analysis and commentaries.

WORLD INSIGHT is a weekly program designed to give viewers insightful analysis on major international events and issues. It not only reviews historic moments and recaps the images that shape our world today, but also goes behind the stories, digs deep to what causes them and analyzes their potential impact.

DIALOGE is a daily 30-minute talk show. It brings the movers and shakers, celebrities and specialists into the studio to express their opinions on current affairs and hot topics. It is a dialogue of different opinions and a public forum of free debates.

CHINA TODAY is a weekly 30-minute program, documenting political reform and social evolution in a changing China. It offers a more in-depth look at major events and issues in the country. CHINA TODAY presents not only an ancient culture but also a country on the move.

AROUND CHINA is a feature program showcasing the history, culture, landscapes and people of this vast country. It focuses on the everyday lives of ordinary people. It is a collaboration of CCTV-9 and hundreds of local TV stations in China.

REDISCOVERING CHINA gives a fresh look at China through non-Chinese eyes. Hosted by native English speakers, the program shows how they look at and understand what is happening in the country. It is a different account by people who are often fascinated by this ancient yet modern nation.

BUSINESS GUIDE is a program designed for those who want to do business in China. The 30-minute program introduces policies and regulations of the Chinese government on the economy as well as the investment environment in various parts of the country. It is a guide on where and how to invest in China.

FINANCIAL REVIEW is another program to serve the business people both in China and overseas. The half-hour show looks at movements on China鈥檚 financial markets. There are also interviews with financial analysts who give their take on market development and trends.

TRAVELOGUE takes viewers on a journey to some of the country鈥檚 best destinations. China鈥檚 sights and sounds come alive as our hosts guide you through the country鈥檚 diverse and beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history as well as hospitable people.

NATURE AND SCIENCE is a report on the latest scientific achievements in China. It also deciphers the mysteries and laws in the fascinating natural world. NATURE AND SCIENCE helps discover the harmonious relationships between humanity and the environment.

DOCUMENTARY is a 30-minute program which broadcasts CCTV鈥檚 best-produced documentaries. It records the historic events in China and relives some of the greatest moments in history.

CHINESE CIVILIZATION is a five minute short film slot introducing China's enduring civilization. It helps viewers to better understand China鈥檚 history and culture.

CENTER STAGE is a daily half-hour entertainment magazine show. It serves as a stage for the colorful Chinese performing arts. It not only showcases stage performances on stage, but also tells what鈥檚 happening off stage. CENTER STAGE is a platform for authentic Chinese arts.

LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE is the only educational program on CCTV-9. It is aimed at satisfying the increasing international demand for learning the Chinese language. LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE is key to understanding the Chinese culture.

CCTV-9 pursues the principle of fairness and diversity in its coverage.

CCTV-9 is your primary source of information and your window on China.

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WWW.CCTV.COM, started in 1996 by the China Central Television, provides a wide range of information with a focus on news and current affairs. Its features include News, TV Guide, Sports, Business, Finance, Entertainment, National Geography, Life, English and TV online. Some programs offered on the website are broadcast simultaneously on TV. The website has a mirror in North America, and live broadcasts of programs of CCTV-News,CCTV-4 and CCTV-9 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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