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Ads Tender Reflects Booming Economy

MON DEC 03 15:57

With the last stroke of the hammer, the 2003 CCTV Prime Time Commercials Bidding set a new record!a total value of more than 3.3 billion RMB, accounting for an increase of 26% over the same period last year. The result not only thrilled CCTV but also boosted ad-agencies as well.

The November 18 bidding had attracted more than 800 representatives from 125 enterprises. Some of them are regulars at the scene, like Huiyuan, Wahaha and Ever-bright. The typical example could be Bubugao's CEO Duan Yongping. For seven years, he's come every time, believing he could get what he wanted here. He said CCTV could provide access to the national market at a comparatively lower cost. After the bidding, TV advertising expense for his company rose by 30%, but still Duan thought it a fair deal. In addition to old clients, many new clients joined to compete in the bidding, in an attempt to establish their own brand names. What's more, multinationals like Motorola, Nokia and P & G, who used to be quite conservative about CCTV commercials, were also actively involved in the tender game.

In contrast to the cold temperatures outside, the bidding scene was unexpectedly hot and the whole process lasted more than 13 hours. With ingenious commentary, CCTV anchors Bai Yansong and Wang Xiaoya helped create a casual and warm atmosphere. According to statistics, every bid required at least 10 raising boards. The climax came when bidding for the 5-second slot at 7 o'clock sharp on CCTV-1, just before the Network News Broadcast. After 20 rounds of competition between engaging rivals, the final price was settled at 24 million RMB, tripling the 6.9 million RMB starting line and pushing CCTV's bidding income to exceed the line at 3 billion RMB. Compared with last year, the price for the 5-second slot before Network News nearly doubles. The other most attractive slot before the weather forecast increases by 43.32%.

Editor: Zhao Xuan

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