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央视国际 (2004年07月21日 20:59)

  1、 王如文,10岁,内蒙古

  Protecting Animals and Their Paradise

  Good morning, Honorable Judges, Ladies and Gentlemen!

  My name is Wang Ruwen. I’m from Little Pony English School in Inner Mongolia. My topic is “Protecting Animals and Their Paradise.”

  Today, I’d like to take this chance to share some lyrics with everyone here. They’re from a cartoon named “Colors of The Wind.”

  …… “ Every rock and tree, and creature,

  has a life, has a spirit, has a name;

  The forest and river are my brothers.

  The heron and otter are my friends,

  And we are all connected to each other,

  in a circle, in a hoop that never ends……”

  I love animals, too. I often see so many wonderful pictures in the “Animal world” on TV. That’s a real animals’ paradise. It’s another world there. The sun is bright. The trees are green. Man and beasts, beast and beast, live together happily. Who survive and who won’t, there’s no judgement about there, just what it’s. It’s really beautiful, just nothing like it. But because of man, animals’ living environment is going from bad to worse. As time goes on, more and more trees have been cut down and more and more animals have been killed. The number of them has become less and less in recent years.

  Can you imagine if those lovely animal friends disappeared from the earth. How would our lives change? Could anyone else see the beauty and mystery of paradise? So, let’s take good care of our animal friends, and improve their living conditions. Let’s make great efforts to protect the animals’ paradise together!

  Thank you!














  2、 王文渊,10岁,四川

  Friendship V.S SARS

  I’m Mike. My topic is 《Friendship V.S SARS》.

  About three years ago, I started learning English. From last year, I started to go to the English corner. I have improved my English a lot there, meanwhile I have made many friends. Although I have never been to America. I can speak English so fluently that many people often asked me:“Mike, how many years have you lived in America?” Just then I felt very happy.

  Unfortunately in the spring of last year, a kind of strange epidemic rampaged about in many countries, including China. It is SARS. So there was no longer English corner. Where? Where can I practice my English? Where can I make friends? I remembered my telephone book. Maybe I can call my friends and talk to them in English on telephone. But I didn’t call them right away. Because I wondered if I’d bother them. Suddenly the ring rang. When I picked up the telephone, I heard, “Hi, this is Linda, is that Mike?” Oh! My friend Linda called me first. I was so touched. So my friends and I created the telephone English corner. Depending on our friendship, we can say proudly:“SARS! no way you can stop us from learning English.” In the struggle between SARS and us, we were winners finally. Today I have learnt how to face any difficulties like SARS. This is the way “Smile and ready for success。”Look at the red letters. We also call them SARS!

  Thank you!




  很不幸,在去年春天一种奇怪的瘟疫在很多国家流行,其中包括中国,那就是SARS。这样,英语角就不复存在了。我到哪里练习英语?到哪里交朋友?我想起了我的电话号码本。也许我可以给朋友们打电话,那样的话我们就可以在电话上用英语交谈了。不过,我没有马上给朋友们打电话,因为我不知道这样做是否会打扰我的朋友。突然电话铃响了,我拿起听筒,就听到:“你好!我是琳达,你是麦克吗?”噢!我的朋友琳达先给我打电话了。我太感动了。就这样我和我的朋友们创建了“电话英语角”。靠我们的友谊,我们可以自豪地说:“SARS!想阻止我们学英语?没门儿!”在与SARS的斗争中,我们最终成了胜利者。今天我已经学会了如何面对像SARS这样的各种困难,这就是“Smile And Ready for Success”,(微笑着为成功做好准备)。注意一下大写字母S、A、R、S,我们也可以把它们叫做SARS。


  Dolphin show

  Good morning, everyone! My name is Xia Huiming. I come from HuBei province. I am really excited I can stand here to continue the contest on CCTV. Today I would like to talk about my favorite dolphin show.

  Last summer, my mom and dad brought me to SeaWorld in San Diego, California. That was a sunny day; there were a lot of interesting sealifes in there such as coral reefs, sea turtles, sea lions and Shamu. However, the dolphin show in the dolphin stadium fascinated me most.

  The dolphin is a playful and intelligent mammal. I have seen dolphins on TV, movies, and in many storybooks. I felt excited I could watch real dolphins. HaHa! Dolphins came out. The trainer marched and they followed. She twirled and they twirled too. It’s just like playing “follow the leader”. Man did those dolphins know how to shake hands with their flippers and leap through hoops. The dolphins even splashed the water to the “soak zone” with their tails illustrating they were enjoying playing with us. Look, one dolphin in the tank leapt out of the water, grasped a rope in her mouth, and rang a bell. It’s amazing. Finally, the dolphins lined up against the tank wall, clapped their jaws, and whistled through their blowholes. It sounded like they were saying “ Thank you, come back again, good-bye”. How smart and friendly they are!

  This is the dolphin show, my sweet memory. Even now, sometimes I dream I am shaking a dolphin’s flipper, petting her back, feeding her fish.

  Thank you!




  海豚是一种很有智慧又非常喜欢玩耍的哺乳动物。我曾经在电影、电视和许多故事书里见过海豚。我感到格外高兴的是我能坐在水族馆里看真正的海豚表演。哈哈! 海豚出来了。驯物员前进,他们跟着前进;驯物员旋转,他们也跟着旋转,就像玩“你要叫我做什么,我就跟你做什么”的游戏。他们训练海豚如何用鳍状肢与人握手、跳圈。海豚甚至能用尾巴向观众席上打水,以示他们非常高兴和大家一起玩耍。瞧,有一个海豚跃起水面,用嘴衔着绳子在那里摇铃。真是太奇妙了。最后海豚们排成一排靠在池边,轻拍他们的上下颚,用喷水孔吹着哨子,好像在说:“謝謝,欢迎再次光临,再见”。多么聪明而又友好的海豚啊!




  This is Me

  Hi everybody. I’m Emily from Nanchang Yuxin Primary School. Today my topic is:“This is Me”.

  Though I’m just 9 years old, I enjoy deep thinking. So, what I do for relaxation is playing chess game, because when you are in the “battle”, you need to act intelligently. I always imagine that I am a general and the king in the chess game is a captain. Before the game starts, I’ll tell my knights, pawns, castles and all of my soldier special words that will make them win. Of course they don’t really understand what I’m saying, however, each time I say it, it really works! I feel wonderful when I win; it feels good to pretend I am a general.

  To tell you the truth, I learned those magic words from my favorite book “Records of the Historian” which was about Chinese history written by Sima Qian.

  Reading stories about history is another hobby of mine. Since I could never live in the ancient world, the best I can do is to make spiritual tour of the past. I even cried when learning of nice and important people who died in the past, because without them the riots could have started and many innocent people would have lost their lives.

  Since I like history so much, I always pretend that I am an archaeologist, and I believe that I have enough confidence to be one someday.

  I wish everyone here could find your own interest like I did, and may all your dreams come true!

  Thank you!









  Ningxia------ the hometown of the Hui ethnic group

  Hi, everyone! My name is ChenXi, and my English name is Sophie. I come from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region which is situated in the northwest of China. It is the hometown of the Hui ethnic group. As a contestant from Ningxia, I would like to introduce something about Hui people to you.

  I like everything that is beautiful, so the costume of Hui people leaves me a deep impression. The men of Hui people wear white or black six-square hats and black vests, while the women wear veils. According to the different ages, the colors of the veils are different. The old women wear white veils; the middle aged women wear black veils and the unmarried women wear green veils. With the veils they look so charming.

  The Hui people have good habits and special customs, which are good for their health. They are not allowed to eat pork or the meat of animals died of a disease.At the same time, they are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol .

  In my opinion, the most interesting thing is their habit of drinking tea. The tea drunk by Hui people is called “Gaiwan tea”. Except tea, there are some wolfberries, jujubes, sesame, raisins and other things in it. It’s quite delicious and nutritious. When drinking “Gaiwan tea”, you should hold the cup with your left hand and hold the lid with your right hand, blow away the sesame gently and then drink. Wow! The smell is so fragrant.

  Please come to my hometown: Ningxia! If you come to Ningxia, you could enjoy the beautiful melody of Hui ethnic group called “Hua’er”; If you come to Ningxia , you could drink the sweet and fragrant “Gaiwan tea”; If you come to Ningxia , you could taste the fresh and delicious lamb.

  The hospitable Hui people are right here waiting for you. Please come to my hometown!

  That’s all. Thank you!









  I want to be an eagle soaring in the sky

  Perhaps I am different from other children my age. For as long as I can remember, the disease took away my childhood happiness. My world was hospitals and patients. My kidney was full of liquid and getting worse, it nearly cost me my life. I cannot remember how many hospitals my parents and I visited or how many doctors I saw! What affected me most was the failure of my first operation. After it was over, I was so physically weak that over 21 times every nurse on duty tried to give me an IV. I cried as I said ," Auntie, please do it quickly!" While my parents held me tightly, my tears and sweat totally soaked my shirt.

  It was two doctors from Beijing Children's Hospital saved my life.

  September First, 1999 was one of the happiest days in my life! For the first time I became a primary school student. Because of the continued weakness of my body, I was only able to attend school for 6 months and I have to stay at home for another 6 months. While I watched my classmates going off to school with their backpacks and playing in the schoolyard, I hopelessly looked out of the window and there saw an eagle soaring freely in the blue sky. I cried out," Brother eagle, come help me! I want to soar freely as you do!"

  Either because of a heavenly blessing or the plentiful love from those around me, I am excelling in my studies and have earned society's respect. Even though I'm young, I have a goal to become like an eagle soaring high in a sky of knowledge. To help humanity to get rid of disease, poverty, war and sadness, I will fly higher and further. Thank you!


  也许我与许多同年的孩子有所不同,从我记事起,病魔就夺走了我许多童年的快乐,我所见到的世界是医院和病人。由于病情的恶化,肾脏的巨大积水,险些使我丧失了性命。我已记不清父母带我辗转了多少家医院,看了多少知名的大夫,更让我刻骨铭心的是,在我第一次手术失败后,因为身体虚弱,吊针非常难打,当班的护士轮番给我扎了21 针,我哭喊着:阿姨您快给我扎上,快给我扎上!父母紧紧地抱着我,泪水和汗水浸透了我们的衣衫。






  Good morning, my dear friends.

  Do you want to know how I started to write my diary and how she became my best friend? Well, let me tell you. When I was six and a half years old, I went to a bookstore with Mom. Suddenly, I saw a beautiful diary on the bookshelf, which was covered with all different kinds of lovely insect pictures. So I asked Mom wishfully, "Mom, can I buy this diary?"

  Mom answered, "Only if you promise me to write in your diary in English everyday."

  "OK." I agreed, without even thinking.

  When I got home, I wrote the first entry in my diary, the first in my life, with great care. Although it didn't seem to be very well written, it was the first step that led me to where I am today. Now, I have been writing in my diary for five years.

  When I am happy, I write with really big letters to express my happiness. When I feel down, I write quickly and make a big mess just to get the frustration out of my system. When I read a fantastic novel, like Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, Harry Potter and so on, I write my feelings down.

  Yet, I had a hard time writing in my diary for a stretch of time. I got tired of her and regretted buying her. I thought that I was an idiot to promise Mom. But Mom has always been encouraging me by telling me about the good aspects of writing in a diary, like improving my written English, finding a lot of funny things through my life when I am older and so on.

  So, my diary has become my best friend. I tell everything to my diary, my happiness and sadness. She's so faithful and won't give my secrets away. She always shares my joy and frustration with me, and I find pleasure in her, too.

  Well, are you interested in writing in a diary? One may become your best friend, too! I will keep this habit forever and my diary will be my eternal friend.

  Thank you!













  My English Teacher

  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

  My name is Deng Wei. I am a 12-year-old girl. Today I am going to talk about “My English Teacher”.

  I have met several English teachers since I began learning English. I learned a lot from them. They helped me a lot with my English. I think I’ll never forget them. But today I would like to introduce a very special English teacher to you, who not only taught me a good way of learning English but also made me greatly interested in English-that is my father.

  My father is a senior engineer. He often encourages me to study English hard. He told me that I must learn oral English from the very beginning just like a little child who first learns to speak then learns to write.

  According to daddy’s method, oral English is the first. I learned oral English for several months and learned many English stories. I retell the story with my own words and try to communicate with the language in the story. In this way I became interested in English and had a great desire to learn English.

  Secondly, my father bought me a lot of English-Chinese books. He often tells me that reading can make people wise and perfect. Books provide us a lot of colourful knowledge. Reading can enrich my mind and reading can broaden my view.

  Now I am even more crazy about English than before. I like reading,I like talking with others in English. I believe what father said,So I made great progress in my English study. I can not only communicate with others in English but also write in English. Here I’d like to say a thousand times to my dear father-my special English teacher “Thank you very much!”

  Thank you!











  I love my hometown

  Hello! Everyone!

  I am Luo Lin. I am from the West, Xining, Qinghai province.

  I love boundless sea; I love far-reaching sky; but I love my hometown best— Xining, Qinghai.

  Qinghai is a remote place from Beijing. It is a province named after Qinghai Lake. Qinghai Lake located in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It covers an area of 4.6square kilometers, ranking the first of all continental lake in China. It is the biggest salt lake of the country.

  Qinghai Lake is vigorous, magnificent and beautiful. When winter comes, the lake freezes and turns into a white realm surrounded by snow covered-mountains and wilderness. In the spring, the ice melts and the water is pure. Green grass and flowers of all colors burst into blossom. Thousands upon thousands of birds migrate from the South to Qinghai Lake. On the bird island, they lay and hatch eggs raising their young children.

  Viewing from the shore, one sees fishing boats floating on the lake under the blue sky and white clouds; one sees great many horses and yaks on the plain; one hears herdsmen singing joyfully on the horses. This makes up a special scenery of a highland lake.

  My hometown is beautiful, isn’t it?

  Qinghai is also called the “Summer Holliday” resort. You are welcome to Qinghai. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful Tulip Festival and the mysterious Taer Lamasery and numerous kinds of birds in Qinghai Lake.

  This is my hometown.

  I love my hometown.

  I love Qinghai.











  If I Were The Mayor, I Would …

  If I were the mayor of Shenyang , I would do anything I possible to contral waste and pollution to keep the environment of our community clean and healthy.

  I have noticed that water waste and pollution from car washing is a big problem. I think that recycled water should be used on car washing instead of fresh water. If price of carwash could be lowered, people would rather take their cars to a carwash than do it by themselves. It is also found the chemicals used on car-washing are harmful to our water source. They can get into soil and then drain into the river. This will cause the death of plankton and young organisms. Shouldn’t we try to prevent pollution before it happens? It is reported that the amount of money and time needed to clean-up the pollution each year is quite costly. If we adopt a new technique or methods to make water reusable, not only we could lower the price and costs of carwashing but also our environment wouldn’t be as polluted as it is. Then resources are more efficient and the environment is cleaner.

  Nowadays we are facing a serious issue -- acute lack of resources. We have to start taking actions right now. If I were the mayor of Shenyang, I would call on our government and our people to tackle this problem. This is first what I would do for my hometown if I do become the mayor one day.







  Do you like animals? I like animals very much! They are all so different and interesting. In the summer of 2001, I traveled to England for a month. I went to the zoo and watched many animals.

  I watched the flamingoes first. Look! They are playing with water! The flamingoes are pink and very beautiful. Although flamingoes are bigger than many birds, they can fly lightly and easily. Listen! They are singing! What a wonderful song! It made me think of myself. I have a good voice, too.

  Then I watched the monkeys. How cute they were! They were very active. They ate bananas and climbed up and down the rocks. I am active too! I love to play sports.

  After that, I watched the tigers. They were roaring loudly. They had beautiful coats. A tiger is the king of the jungle and has the style of a leader. Someday I will be a leader.

  If you want to see animals, you needn’t go to the zoo. You can see animals everywhere. You see, there are horses on the badge of Cambridge University and animals as mascots of Olympic Games. Maybe on a Sunday morning, you can hear little birds standing in a tree, saying ‘Good morning’. Or maybe you can see some cats on your way to school!

  Animals are our friends. They make our lives more interesting. So we should do our best to always protect them!









  My future is not a dream

  When my mum told me that a visitor from Canada was coming to stay with us for two nights, I was really very excited. There is a Chinese old saying, “it is so delightful to have friends to come from distant places. ”

  I asked mum “How are we going to talk to them?” “In English”, Mum answered. “But what if I have got a chance to visit them in Canada, would I speak English there too?” “Yes, of course.” “But it's not fair.” “Why?” Mum asked me, smiling. “They come to China, we talk to them in English. If I go abroad, they should talk to me in Chinese!” Mum became speechless. Wow! An idea suddenly came to my mind: in the future I want to be an excellent bi-lingual teacher, teaching people of the world about the beautiful language of our country.

  I like the English language. To learn English is wonderful. I once wanted to be an English teacher . I also like Chinese literature. When I was really young, I was able to remember lots of poems and read lots of books. I also wanted to be a teacher of Chinese. Now I think that both of my dreams can come true: I will be able to use English to teach foreign friends Chinese and share Chinese culture with them. I will treat every student all the same, no matter if he or she is from a rich or poor country, so that more and more people will be able to get to know the 5000 years' history, culture, and the prosperity of our great China.

  My future is not a dream. I am confident that it will come true.







  Responsibility in a family

  Today, what I’m talking about is something happen in every Chinese family.

  I’m already 12, but at home, the housework is definitely not my job. My mom and dad would take care of everything at home, even cleaning my room. Though I know my parents are busy at work everyday, but I never feel sorry for them; I only do some housework when my mom asks me to.

  One day, mom was preparing dinner, and she wanted me to give her a hand. But my friends got on line on the internet and called me, so I forgot about everything and started to talk with my friends. After some time, my tummy rumbled. The dinner was ready, just on time. I gobbled down my cereal, and wanted to go back to the computer and talk to my friends for another hour. Dad asked me to wash the dishes, but I wasn’t really listening. I was thinking about chatting with my friends. After having the meal, I dropped the dirty dishes on the pile and slipped away. Then I would do what I wanted to. This happened for so many times.

  Then I realized that I only care about myself, but forgot to think about my parents.

  We’re one family. The word seems so small, but so large in feeling. A word filled with emotion. A word overflowing with love. In a family, we should share not only good time together, but also the works and duties. Learn to care about others, learn to thank the family, learn to take the responsibility. But I sometimes forgot to. It‘s unfair! From then on, during my spare time, I will certainly remember to do some housework. Not only cleaning my own mess, I will do it for the whole family.

  That’s a family full of love, that’s what a family really is. Thank you!









  Return To Us A Clean World

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

  My topic is: return to us a clean world.

  I love grass, I love lawns glistening with transparent dewdrops, and I also love its fragrance, I prefer to play on it. Its fluffy and soft hands touch my face as if they were my mother’s.

  Nowadays, big and small lawns decorate many modern cities, but what can be seen everywhere is the trash. It has been polluting the fairyland where we used to play. I look forward to a clean world.

  Think how terrible it is that we live in such a dirty trashy world! In fact, the majority of rubbish can be recycled: metal of disposed cars could be good resources of industry; Waste newspapers and magazines could be used to make paper; Garbage from foods could be changed into fertilizer and so on.

  Do you know plenty of trash is good building material? I wish that one day , the buildings and streets in future cities would be made from “trash”. Cinemas、parks、restaurants and even our clothes would be made from recycled materials. Can you imagine how important a part of our daily lives it would be! But it is still a dream to build such a beautiful and clean city in this way. I hope one day when I grow up, I’ll invent a multi-purpose machine that can transform all rubbish into useful stuff. At that time, the world we live in will be the one with the sky crystal blue, the rivers clearly clean, the lawns emerald green, the flowers freshly fragrant, the air totally cleansed, and our world is much cleaner!

  Is it a dream? Definitely not. That’s all, thank you.










  Books—My Best Teachers in the Big Wide World

  Hello, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Tang Yu. My English name is Angie. I'm seven years old this year. Every pupil has quite a few teachers in the school; but to me, books are my best teachers.

  My mom is the one who has developed my interest in stories. Since I was an infant, mom has been reading to me stories about Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse before I go to bed every night. Now that I have learned to read in Chinese and English, I indulge myself in reading whenever possible. Sometimes, I marvel at the plots so much that I'm not sleepy at all even at midnight. During reading I make a lot of friends, new and old, including Hamlet, Peterpan, Harry Potter and some other friends. Reading has given me so much fun!

  Thanks to the books that I have read, I'm able to write something when inspired. Now I'm not satisfied with reading works written by the famous writers. So I often lock up myself in my room, trying to compose stories of my own. Cute frogs, little ducklings, or chirping sparrows have become heroes under my pen. Yesterday, I counted the stories that I have written. Guess how many I have written in one years--10

  Good books are like good teachers in the big wide world. They tell me what is right or wrong, true or false, beautiful or ugly. The books help me grow up; and in the future, I will write many good books to help other children grow up!

  Thank you for your attention!










  You are not always the best

  One day in the last month I took part in an important competition. The winners would receive a phone call second day. I was sure that I could win the first-class prize, so I was anxious to know the result.

  The next day I had to go out for something, and I wouldn’t come back until the afternoon, so I asked my dad to stay home for the expected phone call.

  As soon as I came back, I asked dad immediately: “How about my competition result, dad?” “Sorry to tell you that you only got the third-class prize.” Dad replied indifferently. “Oh, no, that’s impossible, there must be something wrong!” I cried with tears coming out of my eyes. I hoped dad was just playing tricks on me, so I shouted to him again: “ you are lying, tell the truth now!” Dad said seriously: “I want to tell you a more important thing, more important than an outstanding competition result, that is ‘how to face frustration’. Before this, I want to tell you that you actually got the champion. But you should know that you will have many competitions in the future, and you won’t win every time. You should have a positive way to deal with frustration, try to be a good sport, try to be happy and work harder next time. In addition, even if you get champion, you shouldn’t be too proud either. You should remember the saying: ‘you are not always the best’. ”

  Today I am here. I am taking part in this competition. I’ll try my best to get the champion; but if I fail this ambition, I won’t cry again! Because I have known that “you are not always the best”.

  That’s all, thank you.




  我一到家,就立即问爸爸:“我的比赛结果怎么样?”爸爸漠不关心地回答道:“很难过地告诉你,你只得到了三等奖。”“不,绝对不可能, 肯定搞错了!” 我流着泪大叫道。我希望爸爸只是在捉弄我,所以我又对他大叫道:“你骗人,快说实话!”爸爸严肃地对我说:“我想告诉你一件更重要的事情——比一个出色的比赛结果还要重要, 那就是 ‘应怎样面对比挫折’。在这之前我想告诉你实际上你得了冠军。但是你应该知道,将来你会面对许多比赛,而你不可能每次都获胜。你应该有一个正确积极的方法去对待挫折,要乐观,试着高兴起来并下一次更加努力。另外,就算你获得了冠军,你也不应该骄傲自满,你应该记住:‘人外有人,天外有天。’




  The Person I Admire

  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Fu Jun. Today my topic is “The Person I Admire”.

  The person I admire is my mum. She is an English teacher. She is very popular among the students because she spends lots of time on her lessons and has a good sense of humor. Students all enjoy her class.

  My mum is not only a good teacher, but also a great mother. She is patient with me and always smiling while talking. My mum teaches me how to think independently and helps me to build up my confidence. When I have some difficulties in my studies, it is my mum who encourages me to work until I solve the problem. When I’m feeling sad or bad, it is also my mum who looks after me with care.

  I remember when I caught a fever at midnight last year, my mum took me to the hospital as fast as she could. When we got home after my injection, it was about 5 o’clock in the early morning. My mum only slept 2 hours because she had to wake up at 7 o’clock to prepare breakfast for me, and then she went to work. She must be very tired that day.

  My mum is not very beautiful, but I admire and love her.








  How to be Happy?

  Hi everyone, I am Fan Yilin, from Beijing. The title of my speech for today is, “How to be happy?”

  Happiness is such an important part of our lives that everyone wishes to have it. But how can we be happy?

  First of all, whether you are happy or not depends on your attitude toward the things around you. As a saying goes: Life is like a mirror, when you smile into it, it will smile back; but when you frown, it will give you the same sight. Whenever things are going well for you, you will be very happy. But you can’t expect to be happy all the time and on everything. I have a good friend; he is very good at sports. I always think, “If I am as good at sports as he is, I will be very happy.” But he usually says to me, “If I can study as well as you can, I will be very happy.” Either of us owns the thing that the other doesn’t have, but both of us are not satisfied. Just think about this: if we exchange the thing that the other admires, will we be happy? Of course not, because we will have more wishes. But no one can have everything. What’s important is to look at the things you are not satisfied with in a good mood, and try your best to make them better; you’ll feel much happier in the end.

  On the other hand, happiness can also come from your good attitude to others. When you care and help the people around you with a loving heart, you will be full of happiness. In fact, it’s quite easy to make others happy, even with your kind smiles. If everyone smiles to each other, the world will be much brighter. Since smiling is so easy and happiness is so important, let’s smile and keep happy, from now on.

  Thank you!








  Needs and Wants

  One day last month, when I watched the CCTV news, a news story caught my attention. It was reported that a girl who lives in a big city spent 5,000 RMB after the Chinese New year from her “Lucky Bag”. When she was asked what she spent so much money for, her answer was that she bought many fancy stationeries, toys, etc.

  It immediately made me think about the reports in the newspapers. In the poor areas, like western China, there are many children who are still staying in very simple class rooms with old books and shabby book bags. Even having a short broken pencil would bring them the greatest happiness.

  These two pieces of news provided us with an extremely contrasting picture and brought up a serious subject- how important it is to make every one know what their “needs and wants” are.

  Needs are what we must have and what we must do. In other words, without having these “needed” things, something will go wrong. Wants are what people “Hope to have: nicer, better.” It’s not a necessity but just for enjoyment.” As you can see, those fancy things are not the needs of that city girl. On the contrary,pencils are absolutely the needs for the students in the poor areas. Otherwise, they can only write on the ground.

  As a city girl, I certainly want many fashionable things. But as long as I think about the needs of those poor kids, I will continue to give up my wants and donate the money for them. This gives me a sense of pride. Just imaging, by eliminating one pair of “heely” might allow ten kids to have new book bags; or by giving up a Game-Boy it might enable a class to have enough pencils for a whole year. If everybody can do this, I believe it will make our world better and better.








  Education: The Greatest Need Of The Human Beings

  A child is born, and his education begins. His eyes open to the wonders of the shapes, sizes, and colors of his world. His ears listen to the sounds, clatter, and noise around him. Education begins with life. Education continues throughout life. Education is the examination of life. Education is the enjoyment of life. Education is life.

  In China, the state government lay a particular stress on the education of every child. Now Chinese children are assured of a nine-year elementary compulsory education. And more and more children in China are entering colleges and universities for higher education each year. And more and more children, as college graduates, are studying for their higher degrees of Masters and Doctors, abroad as well as at home.

  I feel very proud of being a boy of New China. And I feel very proud that the gaps and differences between China’s and the world’s most developed countries’ education are getting narrower and narrower. And, as a result, we are catching up with them in such science-technologically advanced fields as successfully launching manned spaceship.

  I’m determined to study even more diligently and try even harder to make great contributions to our dearest motherland, to make her most beautiful country in the world.

  Education never ends. After the years of going to school, everyone needs to keep on educating himself. I ‘m always bearing the old sayings in my mind “ It’s never too old to learn. ” or “ Live and learn! “

  In what ways will you do this?










  My Freaky Dream

  One of my favorite movies,,is about a mother and daughter who change into each other. Before they change back, they learn about living the other person’s life, and come to appreciate each other. After watching this movie, I have a new dream: I want to change places with my Mom.

  If I were Mom, I could do lots of things that I can’t do as me. For example, Mom doesn’t let me eat KFC, because she’s afraid I will be fat. As Mom, I could eat whatever I wanted. I could eat lots of chocolate, French fries and candy. I could buy lots of beautiful new clothing. I could even wear earrings, which I can’t do now because my ears are not pierced. The best thing is that I wouldn’t have to do any homework!

  But being Mom would still have bad parts. I would have to go to work, and I don’t even know how! My friends would all say“yesterday you typed very quickly, but today you’re very slow—what’s wrong with you?” and I would be very embarrassed. I would also have to do lots of housework, like washing the clothes, washing the dishes, cleaning the floor, and cleaning the rooms. However, I could earn lots more money than a kid could, so I still want to be Mom.

  Maybe if I were my mother for a while I wouldn’t like it, and I would want to go back to being the daugher. I know it’s just a story, and it can’t really happen, but I would still like to try!








  Time is the most important thing in life, and it’s also the most valuable thing on the earth.

  Time does not wait for people, it does not stay long, and it passes without saying good bye. The second that ticked away would not come back; it would never come back. And we will never relive the second again.

  Time includes the past, present and future. The past is like its name, it is thing that has passed. And as I said before, it would not come back, for it is a memory, a memory preserved in one’s mind. On the other hand, the future is in front of you, it lies before you, you could have dreams about it, but you have to grasp every second at present to make your dream come true, because the present is the most important one of the three. You could change the future while you can’t change the past, you could choose your future while you can’t choose your past.

  So my friends, don’t go moaning about the past, be happy of what you have got at present, and think about the future, because time won’t slow down but we could use it fully. There’s an old saying “don’t let time make you run, while you could make time run.” And that’s the best sentence I have ever heard. Time is money, time is life. Wasting time is like slowly killing yourself.

  So my friends, if you had achieved great things in your past then don’t be absorbed in it, if you didn’t do so well in your past then you must not lose your confidence. We should know that “no pains no gains”. Come on my friends! Do your best at present. Use every second to make your future brighter!





  朋友们,请不要抱怨过去,高兴地面对你所得到的一切,努力筹划未来。因为时间虽然不能变慢,但我们可以充分利用。还是古话说的好:“ 不要让时间牵着你走,你应该让时间跟着你走。”这是我所听到的最好的句子。时间就是金钱,时间就是生命。浪费时间等于慢性自杀!


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